Silk is like a second skin.

Silk is composed of proteins which contain 18 types of amino acids allowing it to
be comparable to skin. Thus, it can be referred to as the second skin. In
comparison to other fabrics, it is comfortable on the skin and easy to wear. It even
allows people with allergies to wear the clothing with great comfort.



Excellent moisture absorption and desorption.

It is breathable in high humidity and absorbs moisture. The moisture wicking properties of silk also allow it to release moisture and dry quickly. Due to its excellent moisture absorption and desorption qualities, it is used as performance wear for adventurers in Antarctica. The fabric even as a history of being used 1.3 to 1.5 times more hygroscopic than cotton. You will be able to feel the functional benefits of silk especially when worn in humid and sweaty climates.




Excellent heat retention

The cross section of silk fibres is made up of a non-uniform triangle thus
containing a lot of air between the fibres and allowing it to be excellent at retaining heat. Thus, the more air it holds, the warmer it feels, similar to down. In addition, the ability for silk to absorb and desorb moisture allows for the clothing to be comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the triangular cross section has less direct contact with the skin, resulting in a smooth and comfortable fit.



Antibacterial property which has a deodorising effect.

Silk has an antibacterial effect that prevents the growth of microorganisms which keeps your skin in good condition. The smell of sweat on clothes is due to the growth of bacteria. However, the antibacterial properties of silk allow it to have a deodorising effect. Thus, it is used in hospital garments for patients with skin disorders.



Lighter than other fabrics.

Silk is a surprisingly light despite its appearance. The lightweight property of the
fabric is evident in T-shirts and underwear but, also especially noticeable in fall
and winter garments.



90% UV protection

Ultraviolet rays cause ageing including wrinkles, age spots and freckles on the
skin. The 18 Amino acids contained in the proteins which make up silk, block 90%
of harmful ultraviolet rays which work to protect the skin. Therefore, the fabric is
kind and gentle on the skin.