Must be washed by hand.

Silk weakens when wet and fibres will unravel, causing the fabric to become fluffy.
Therefore, please wash carefully ensuring not to rub the fabric too much. If using a
washing machine, turn the item inside out and use a net, washing on the hand-wash
setting. The more it is washed, the texture of silk will be better.



Silk likes fabric softener

Using a fabric softener will allow you to enjoy the smoother silky texture of silk for
longer. Silk is made up of proteins therefore, much like human hair, it benefits from
using a conditioner.



Do not tumble dry

Silk must not be tumble dried as this will cause shrinkage and pilling of the fabric. If
you want to dry the item quickly, apply a dry towel or place the item on a dry towel to
absorb the excess water.



Do not dry in direct sunlight.

Silk will absorb ultraviolet rays which will cause the fabric to discolour when exposed to sunlight for a prolonged amount of time. Therefore, drying in the shade is recommended. The high-moisture wicking property of silk allows the fabric to dry quickly. Please note that the colour may change as silk cuts 90% of UV rays, allowing it to be effective in protecting the skin. Also note that discolouration can also occur even if the item is left to dry indoors under sunlight.



Must be ironed on a low heat setting.

Since silk is sensitive to high heat, we recommend ironing the fabric at a low
temperature (up to 110℃). However, after washing, it is recommended to iron by
hand or heavily shake it to get rid of wrinkles. To avoid pests, UV rays and moisture,
it is recommended to store the item in a well-ventilated dark place.